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I'm James

I use photography to celebrate you. A  photo is the long-lasting evidence of your many beautiful moments and I would love to immortalise your moments in time.

I started my love affair with photography at a young age, capturing the beauty of nature around me. Not only did I learn composition, technique and what all the buttons did on a camera, I also learnt the most important skill - patience. 

James Critrchley Photographer_edited.jpg

When I was able to make photography my career choice, I discovered my talent for eliciting feelings from people and capturing them forever.  Joy, love, grief, laughter, sensuality, passion, emotions that are, for a moment, caught forever.  It become my goal to not just shoot a picture but to compose a story with my lenses

I have always been keen on personal fitness and this is where I finally found my niche. The human form is one of the most perfect things that nature has created and it's where my photography has really captured the public eye.  Muscle and fitness photography has opened up a new world of opportunity for me.

I am proud that my images of my physique models are being used in magazines, book covers, advertising materials and more. I have also had the pleasure of having the images I've taken featured on several magazine covers and in articles.


I have a lot of joy, love and happiness in my heart and I feel I have a gift for transferring that to whomever is in front of my lens.  It is important to me that the person I am photographing is comfortable enough to be relaxed and that we have fun together on a shoot. Please read my testimonials to learn what a photoshoot with me is like and don't forget to look at my work 

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Best photographer in the UK by far in my opinion and so easy to work with. If you need a photoshoot to show you at your best, he's your guy! 
James has a great rapport with, and love for, his subjects; whether muscle guys, brides, children or animals.  James is an A grade person and it shows in every pixel.
James Critchley is an amazing guy, he's friendly and puts you at ease straight away.
His work speaks for itself and he's taken some amazing photograph's of some amazing people.
I've had the pleasure to see him work and was amazed at his work ethic and patience.
He truly is an amazing photographer.
James has an incredible eye for detail and colouration. Like any spectacular talent this attention is almost unnoticeable. That is why his photos are truly serendipitous.

Randall Tab

Colette Goodchild

John Badenhorst

Daniel Chiorean

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