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About Me

Hello everyone!  My name is James Critchley, and I would love to immortalise your moments in time.
Photography has been a passion of mine since my childhood.  From the day I held my first camera in my hands I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life looking through a lens.  I started taking pictures of wildlife and landscapes, nature is beautiful and that's where I developed my eye for composition and lighting. Also patience, waiting for that perfect sunset, a butterfly to open its wings, or that deer to nuzzle its fawn.  I still love taking photos of this spectacular world that surrounds us and it never ceases to amaze me when I am fortunate enough to capture that rare moment that might never be seen again by human eyes if my finger hadn't pressed that shutter button.

When I was able to make photography my career choice, actually photography chose me,  I discovered my talent for eliciting feelings from people and capturing them forever.  Joy, love, grief, laughter, sensuality, passion, emotions that are, for a moment, caught forever.  That tear glistening down the cheek of a bride when her groom lifts her veil for their first kiss as husband and wife, the genuine smiles in a family portrait, or the pure laughter and wonder in a baby's eyes are all wonderful times to share in and save forever.

I have always been devoted to my personal fitness, and fitness is where I finally found my niche in commercial photography.  There's a reason so many classic sculptors chose to carve the human body.  The human form is one of the most perfect things that nature has created and it's where my photography has really captured the public eye.  Muscle and fitness photography has opened up a new world of opportunity for me and in the last year alone I have created more than one hundred book covers for authors.   My images and the words of these talented people are being seen and read all over the planet.  I have also had the pleasure of having the images I've taken featured on several magazine covers and in articles. I am humbled to be a part of touching so many people's lives everywhere.

I think humour is key to a successful shoot and every session should start with a laugh.  Even if the photo is supposed to be serious or smouldering, sensuous or sad, I strive to make my subject feel comfortable.  I have a lot of joy, love, and happiness in my heart and I feel I have a gift for transferring that to whomever is in front of my lens.  It is important to me that the person I am photographing is comfortable enough to be relaxed. That's the only way to capture the soul, and bring out the best of each individual in their photo.


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